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Drawing inspiration from years of R/C freestyle aerobatic competitions and performances, RJ developed a show sequence that includes a wide range of maneuvers and shows off the entire flight envelope of the Decathlon. Starting with basic aerobatics, the routine shows off the smooth and graceful side of the airplane, progressing gradually to more and more complex and aggressive figures.

The show begins with an air-start to allow time to climb to altitude, includes a brief intermission to regain altitude after the first half, and ends after about 12 minutes of exciting aerobatics.

RJ flies under a surface-level waiver, so most of the action will be on the deck, right in front of the crowd! The highest maneuvers will take place around 1700ft under normal conditions, and the show is designed to keep the airplane positioned well for the audience's view. The Decathlon is larger than many airshow airplanes and, coupled with an impressive smoke trail, makes a great impression in the sky.

The full Aresti diagram of the typical 2018 sequence is shown below.

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